Why Waffle Weave Towels? About Waffle Towels

What is a "Waffle - Wafer - Honeycomb" Towel?

A waffle towel is an indented woven fabric resembling the appearance of a waffle, a sweet bakery product. We can also say that honey bees resemble their honeycombs. Generally, "waffle towel, waffel towel, wafer towel, honeycomb towel, waffle weave towel, waffle pattern towel, waffle knit towel are called by names.

Is the waffle towel just this image? Of course not. Waffle towel products that need to retain high humidity also give better results and comfort than classic towels.

We can explain the waffle towel, in general, this way. Now let's explain the details for those who want more details.

White Waffle Towels

White Waffle Towels

What exactly is this type of waffle weave towel?

Waffle weave towel has an indented square pattern, and these square patterns are made in many different scales. In thin waffle towels, this square pattern is in the form of small squares. The dimensions of the waffle squares vary according to the size of the waffle towels and the creations. As Puskul Textile, we use the best waffle towel square pattern sizes in our waffle towels after very long studies.

The most important feature that makes waffle towels popular is that they trap water quickly with their honeycomb waffle texture and dry quickly with their breathable texture. The knitting texture of waffle towels makes them very useful and durable.

In addition, the image of waffle towels attracts people. While it is very useful in daily use, it is a decorative item that suits all kinds of decor with its waffle patterns.

Waffle towels will be cool guest towel, bath towel that brings a different atmosphere to your bathroom, and beach towel that adds elegance to you, especially at the beach. In addition, it will provide you with a separate comfort of use with its sand-proof feature on the beach.

You can review our products in our waffle towels category to review our best water absorbent, extra soft, very fast drying and durable waffle towels.

Besides, waffle towels, blankets, throws, duvet cover sets, pillowcases, napkins, and baby swaddles made with 100% Cotton waffle weaving techniques are wonderful and healthy products. We recommend that you browse our wholesale collections category to purchase these products.

Turkish waffle towels mix color

Turkish Waffle Towels in Bulk

Waffle towel manufacturers, how do they produce waffle weave towels?

If 100% cotton is not used in the production of waffle woven towels, it becomes a dysfunctional product. Even if it has a waffle look, it will not have the comfort of use, softness and absorbency.

Most manufacturers are not able to weave waffle weaves. The fact is that they cannot provide quality waffle towels that are desired to be produced from 100% cotton.

The main problems are the collection of the waffle towel made after it is sent to the customer and the loss of its waffle appearance. Or, the softness and absorbency of the towel are lost at this time with the processes carried out to preserve the waffle appearance. Or it is not possible to make every size and model.

As Puskul Textile, we offer our customers waffle towels made of 100% Turkish organic cotton by modernizing our Turkish towel production, which we have been producing for years, with the waffle weaving technique. This way, we provide visuality and comfort of usage areas in our waffle towels.

Puskul Textile Waffle Towels;

  1. Our waffle towels do not lose their pattern after washing.

  2. Natural softness and absorbency from cotton are preserved in our waffle towels.

  3. We can produce our waffle towels from 100% Turkish Organic Cotton without using polyester and chemicals.

  4. We can produce in all waffle towel sizes.

  5. Our production stages are transparent and certified. Our waffle towels are produced in-house with our quality controls from the field until the Turkish cotton enters our factory and leaves as the final packaged product.

What are the Highlights of Waffle Towels?

  • Super Absorbent.

  • Dries Fast.

  • Extra soft.

  • It has a luxurious appearance.

What are the reasons to buy and use waffle towels?

Waffle towels have a wide range of uses.

  • Waffle weave towels are very absorbent, soft and comfortable, and durable enough for daily use is one of the most important reasons to buy and use them.

  • Since a real and useful waffle towel can only be produced from cotton, it is also extremely healthy.

  • The fact that they adapt to all areas visually makes waffle towels a reason for preference.

You can use waffle terry cloth as a towel, as a bathrobe, as a blanket and as a home decor material. It is up to your taste and habit. We strongly recommend using a waffle-woven textile product produced with the waffle weaving technique.

2 pieces waffle hand towels

White Waffle Hand Towels

Waffle Woven Towels, Blankets, Bathrobes and other Models

Waffle Weave Towels: Waffle towels are highly water and moisture-absorbent. Waffle towels dry faster after use, thanks to passing air through them. For health, the towels that come into contact with our body and that we use should be dry, clean and moisture-free. We produce waffle towels in various weights and sizes, with different honeycomb patterns and luxurious-looking plush towel models.

As a towel from us;

You can use it confidently and comfortably or sell it to your customers.

Turquoise Waffle Spa Towels

Waffle Spa Towels

Luxury Waffle Tea Towels

Waffle Tea Towels

White Waffle Hand Towels with soap

Waffle Hand Towels

Waffle Towel Cloths: Our waffle woven washcloths are designed to absorb water with detergent and retain moisture, dirt and water in special woven honeycomb cells. We design and manufacture waffle cloths for the convenient removal of strong stains. It easily removes moisture and water from the surface as much as its weight. It also prevents scratching sensitive objects, is ideal for glass surfaces and leaves no marks.

In addition, you can use our waffle cloths for cleaning objects and use them comfortably and safely for your own body cleaning with its 100% Turkish cotton structure. Since all of the waffle cloths on the market are produced for general cleaning, they are made using a microfiber fabric. Microfiber waffle towels are not healthy for our body cleaning.

Cotton, healthy and naturally;

You can buy our waffle woven cloth towels wholesale and in bulk.

grey Waffle Dish Towels

Waffle Dish Towels

Waffle Kitchen Towels pack of 4 pieces

Waffle Kitchen Towels

Waffle Beach Towels purple

Waffle Beach Towels

Waffle Towel Bathrobes: Our woven waffle towels, made of fast-drying dishcloths and bath towels, make light summer bathrobes. Medium-weight waffle terry fabric has natural thermal properties. It provides excellent comfort for dressing gowns worn in hot and cold weather. The waffle bathrobes and waffle dressing gowns we produce from our 100% cotton anti-allergic waffle terry fabric will tempt you. Ours;

  • Waffle bathrobes and dressing gowns for ladies,

  • Waffle beach dress for ladies,

  • Waffle bathrobes and dressing gowns for gentlemen,

  • Waffle robes for kids,

If you want to buy, check out our categories.

Waffle towel throw blankets, duvet cover sets and bedroom sets: Waffle terry cloth traps body heat with its honeycomb texture, which is correctly woven and produced. You can use it in summer and winter by keeping your body temperature under the blanket. In summer, it cools you by absorbing your sweat. In winter, it keeps your body temperature and allows you to warm up under the blanket. They are the ideal waffle throw blankets for cool summer evenings. From our Waffle bedroom and blanket sets;

You can bring elegance and comfort to your bedroom and living room.

navy blue Waffle Throw Blanket

Waffle Throw and Blankets

Waffle Duvet Cover Sets Grey

Waffle Duvet Cover Sets

Waffle Bathrobes Blue

Waffle Bathrobes

Waffle Towel Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Prices

As Puskul Textile, we export our waffle towels to more than 70 countries as a waffle towel manufacturer. The main countries that import waffle towels from us are America (USA), Canada, England (UK), and Australia. Our customers buy our waffle towels and other waffle weave home textile products from us in bulk and wholesale.

Especially in hotels, clubs, dormitories, and retail stores, our customers who do online e-commerce buy waffle towel sets from us both for buying and selling and for their customers to use in their businesses. We are honored to be the choice of our customers with fast delivery and reliable order delivery.

  • We deliver our high-quality waffle towels to our customers at competitive and affordable prices.

  • With our waffle towels, you can also profit from your purchase and sale transactions in your store.

  • You can supply quality waffle towels from us at low costs for your business.

waffle towel loom factory photo

Waffle Towel Loom

Can our waffle towels be useful for nature? Are waffle towels environmentally friendly and healthy?

We produce our waffle towels without chemicals, which are suitable for recycling. In addition, we offer more useful and durable products with our weaving techniques.

You can pollute less nature by using our waffle towels.

Why? How?

With our 100% Turkish cotton waffle towels, you will buy;

  • Compared to classical fluffy towels, less cotton and industrial materials are used in their production. A pack can fit 4 waffle towels very comfortably instead of 2 classic fluffy towels. Less material, less material. These make waffle towels environmentally friendly.

  • It is essential to use 100% cotton for a real Turkish waffle towel. This requires using fewer chemicals. By not using chemicals, less harm is done to the environment.

  • Our absorbent waffle towel absorbs more moisture from your hair than conventional towels. This way, you will use fewer hair dryers.

  • You do not need to wash our waffle towels every time after they are dried in the bathroom because our original Turkish cotton waffle towels do not hold the smell of moisture on them as they dry quickly. This way, you will use your washing machine less to wash your towels.

  • Also, who wouldn't want to wash 10 Turkish waffle towels instead of 5 classic towels in the washing machine? Waffle towel is environmentally and budget-friendly, with less labor, electricity and detergent.

  • It is more useful and durable than paper towels in the kitchen and for object cleaning.

  • They are suitable for commercial use and are resistant to frequent washing.

  • You get both decor and towels for your bathroom.

cotton field photo

Turkish Cotton Fields

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