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About Puskul Textile Company

Puskul Textile Waffle Towels Wholesaler & Manufacturer

Puskul Textile is a manufacturer that produces Turkish waffle towels, waffle weave towels, waffle blankets and 100% Turkish cotton home textile products in Denizli city, Turkey's textile production center.

We manufacture all of our products from 100% Turkish cotton, the world's best quality cotton with its softness, durability and absorbency.

Why you can choose Puskul Textile...

  • Puskul Textile only use real 100% Turkish cotton.

  • Puskul Textile manufacture in Turkey. Our products originally Made in Turkey.

  • Puskul Textile provides a money back guarantee for all its products.

  • Fast delivery on time.

  • No surprise, whichever product you want to buy, your order will come to you without any errors.

  • Puskul Textile company make special collections and orders.

  • All our certificates, permits and authorization documents are complete.

  • Puskul Textile factory is open to visitors. Our manufacturing and sales process is transparent.

  • Puskul Textiles product, model and quality range are wide.

  • We are a manufacturer that produces Turkish waffle towels. All our products are made from 100% Turkish cotton and are available in various sizes and colors to suit your needs. We also produce home textile products in various styles, such as bathrobes, blankets, throw blankets, pillowcases and tablecloths.

  • Puskul Textile provide wholesale prices for all our products, including durable and high-quality Turkish towels made of 100% cotton. Worldwide shipping is available to all countries. We export to more than 70 countries.

  • We produce Turkish cotton wholesale waffle towels with high quality and competitive prices. Our products are made of 100% Turkish cotton and have a durable structure.

  • Puskul Textile customer service is always at your service without any communication breakdown or interruption.

Puskul Textile certificates

Puskul Textile Brand Certificates

Puskul Textile Brand Certificates

Puskul Textile OEKO-TEX Certificates

Puskul Textile OEKO-TEX Certificates