The history of the Turkish towel loincloth is directly related to Turkish history. Washing and cleaning are important in Turkish culture, which dates back to ancient times.

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Turkish Towel Peshtemal in Bazaar

Turkish Towel Peshtemal

The history of the hammam, which means the place where the bath is made, dates back to ancient times. However, the first public bath was in 1584 III. Architect Sinan had the Çemberlitaş bath built by Murat's mother, Nurbanu Sultan. There are hot water and steam rooms in the baths. Turkish loincloths, also known as bath towels, were first produced for bathrooms as they dry very quickly and are easy to care for. For this reason, bath towels were named loincloths because their first use was in the baths.

The use of loincloths in Ottoman palaces is the biggest factor in its worldwide development and recognition. In the 17th century, European royal families imported Turkish bath towels exclusively from the Ottoman Empire.

As the Ottoman palace wanted more ornate and original loincloths, Turkish towels gave rise to professional weavers for loincloth crafting. After these dates, loincloths began to be produced in various colors, patterns and sizes. They later became a sought-after product both in terms of fashion and usefulness.

Turkish bath towel production continues to be of higher quality in Turkey with the ongoing bathroom culture and expanding usage areas.

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