Do you want to reach more customers?

Whether you have an e-commerce or a physical textile store business, expand your product range and start sales quickly by looking at Puskul Textile's high-quality, luxury and customer-attracting Turkish waffle towel and waffle blanket collection.

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Do you want to reach more customers and make sales in the textile sector in 2023?

It doesn't matter where or on which platform you sell products! Customers care about 3 things! Quality, difference and price… With our Turkish waffle towels, you can present these 3 things to your customers in a single product!

Your Customers Will Love Our Quality Turkish Waffle Towels and Blankets

As a Turkish waffle towel manufacturer, we know very well that the most important thing in textile products is durable and quality texture! For this reason, we weave our entire collection from 100% long-fiber Turkish cotton. Our Turkish waffle towels will offer EVERYTHING your customers expect from a towel.

Why our products:

1- Our carefully produced Turkish waffle towels and blankets can be used for many years! When your customers realize how durable our towels are, they will want to replace all of their towels with these!

2- Our Turkish cotton waffle towels, woven from first-quality ring-spun 100% Turkish cotton, will now be the first choice of your customers with this absorbent structure.

3- Turkish waffle towels have a quick-drying texture. Now, ordinary towels are taking their place in beach and pool clubs worldwide. We strongly recommend trying our super fast-drying Turkish waffle towels at your establishment.

4- Turkish waffle towels are like soft feathers. Extremely light and extremely soft! Your customers will ask you this question! How can a super absorbent, fast-drying, and durable towel be this soft and thin? The answer is that Turkish cotton is rare cotton and experienced craftsmanship.

5- As a Turkish waffle towel, bathrobe, blanket and duvet cover set manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter, we know very well that quality and continuity of quality are important.

6- We Follow Fashion and Trends Continually! Our creators follow fashion and trends to design elegant and stylish Turkish waffle towels. You can put our products on your shelves or your website without fear of not being sold!


We not only sell products to you but also offer our production services for your private collections. As a responsible Turkish waffle towel and blanket manufacturer, we can quickly produce your collections and bulk orders with great care!

If you want a profitable sales season in 2023, you have to send us an email or call us!