Why do we use 100% Turkish organic cotton? About Turkish Cotton

Turkish organic cotton is widely used worldwide due to its different properties and raw power to keep cotton products clean, dry and fresh.

Turkish organic cotton

Turkish organic cotton leaves no chemical residue and has the highest quality long fiber for towel production. Towel manufacturers use Turkish cotton because of its excellent properties, which have been extensively tested to ensure that it conforms to industrial textile standards.

There is no doubt that Turkish textile craftsmanship not only maintains a strong tradition for thousands of years but also produces the highest quality products in home textile products. The biggest reason for the production of Turkish masters to reach this quality is that long-fiber Turkish organic cotton gives very successful results in towels and other home textile products.

Turkish cotton has been a traditional Turkish artisan main raw material product since 1300. It is mainly used for weaving towels.

It has long been known that 100% organic Turkish cotton is the healthiest type of cotton. Why is it good for your health to use and wear products made from Turkish cotton? There are many reasons, but mainly because it's natural and sweat absorbent. Turkish cotton products are produced naturally since the texture of Turkish cotton is damaged when chemicals are mixed in production.

100% Turkish cotton products are the healthiest products for your entire body. It gives you comfort with its natural absorbency and long fibers.

Turkish cotton is a unique type perfect for creating products with a smooth surface, soft texture and usefulness.

Turkish cotton's unique benefits make it the perfect material for soft underwear and towels. Our Turkish organic cotton is certified by SCS and Oeko-Tex Standards for sewing and production.