Wholesale Turkish Towel Buying Guide

Peshtemal towels, also called Turkish beach towels or Turkish towels, can be used in various areas today.

Wholesale Turkish Towel pack of 10 - mix colors

What is Turkish Towels?

Turkish towels emerged as loincloth towels used in Turkish baths in the past. Today, it is thin, durable and multi-purpose, making it a favorite product in spas, pool clubs, hotels, beaches and gyms. It is preferred with its different designs and comfortable use.

Turkish beach towels have started to take the place of traditional beach towels because they absorb water well, dry quickly and are light. Customers who use Turkish towels of quality Turkish cotton say goodbye to classic beach towels.

Turkish towels mostly preferred on beaches, attract users with their colors, patterns and quality comfort. The bag is also the ideal travel towel as it takes up little space, is suitable for travel, and is easy to carry and store. Especially the fact that it does not collect sand on the beach and dries quickly makes Turkish beach towels an alternative on the beaches.

Puskul Textile, one of the Turkish towel manufacturers in Denizli, has developed its product range in line with the increasing Turkish towel demands and combined Turkish cotton and waffle-weaved knitting design. Adding waffle towels, muslin towels for adults, waffle blankets and muslin blankets for adults to its collection, Turkish towels made of Turkish cotton opened new areas of use for loincloths.

Our Turkish waffle towels are beach towels that can be combined with great combinations on the beach. Comfort and comfort on the beach are the most important features of Turkish towels on hot summer days.

Turkish towels, which are easy to wash and durable, are preferred in hotels, spas and spa centers. With its high water absorption capacity, lightness and durability, it has become a sought-after wholesale beach towel product for businesses that make mass consumption.

Puskul Textile produces and supplies very different and natural Turkish home textile products that you can use daily. With Turkish-style towel products, home decoration is offered wholesale and in bulk.