Why not use Turkish Waffle Towels in Boutique Hotels?

Classic hotel and pool towels are costly, difficult to store, maintain, wash, visually plain, etc., and outdated products like this. If you are a boutique hotel, you should try Turkish towels and blankets.

1 piece purple waffle spa towel

You ask why?

1- It is cheaper than traditional hotel towels.

2- You can wash more in the washing machine. You can reduce your washing and drying costs by half by using fewer cycles in the dryer.

3- Personnel washing, transportation, etc. In such cases, it will deal with more towels with less effort so that you can save time.

4-Classic hotel towels are hard. But Turkish waffle towels and peshtemals are soft even without softeners.

5-Classic hotel towels are plain white. Turkish waffle towels can be only white or in very different patterns, adding a different atmosphere and atmosphere to the decoration of your boutique hotel.

6- You can make your customers feel more luxurious by buying wholesale Turkish waffle towels, peshtemals and blankets for your hotel.

7-Turkish towels and blankets for spas, saunas, hotels and swimming pools will provide more cost reduction than classical hotel textiles in terms of durability.

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All of our products;

  • -Highly absorbent,

  • -Fast drying,

  • -Soft,

  • -Light,

  • -Resistant,

  • -There is no sand on the beach. sand free,

  • - Affordable directly from the manufacturer.

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