Wholesale Popular Turkish Waffle Towels & Blankets in America

Do you know that many health centers, hotels, spa centers, golf clubs, pools and other service providers in the USA prefer Turkish waffle towels and peshtemals instead of traditional towels? Extremely simple! It is easier and cheaper to satisfy customers and acquire new customers with high quality, luxurious, stylish, durable and useful Turkish waffle towels, peshtemals and blankets.

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Why Can Turkish Towels Be Used in Businesses?

Our Turkish towels, called peshtemal and Turkish bath towels, are a long-standing Turkish Anatolian tradition. Anatolian people have developed Turkish towels over time.

Turkish towels had multiple uses;

  • Housewives,

  • masters at work,

  • farmers,

  • Workers,

  • In traditional baths,

  • rich,

  • In the royal family of the Ottoman Empire,

Turkish towel loincloth is an indispensable part of Anatolian people's daily life and is used every moment. They still provide an advantage with their versatile use!

Today, Turkish towels are in demand instead of ordinary and useless towels in towel markets! Today, most textile manufacturers in China, Pakistan, Egypt and India are trying to produce Turkish towels. But for a towel to be a Turkish towel, it is necessary to use 100% Turkish cotton and Turkish textile artistry.

As a Turkish waffle towel and peshtemal manufacturer and wholesaler, we produce our entire Turkish towel collection from 100% carefully selected Turkish cotton. These are our products:

  • super soft,

  • highly absorbent,

  • quick drying,

  • And durable as iron!

In addition, we manufacture all our products in our factory in Denizli, Turkey's textile city. There are no harmful, chemical or allergic substances in our products! All of our products have OEKO-TEX certificates and other safety certificates. So you can safely decorate your business with our premium quality Turkish waffle towels and blankets!

After customers use our original Turkish towels, they will choose your business again and recommend it to others.

We are sure you will find a product for your business in our wide collection! Our designers follow the trends 365 days a year.

As a Turkish towel manufacturer and wholesaler of Puskul Textile, we look forward to helping you with your orders.