Wholesale Turkish Cotton Waffle Towels & Throw Blankets

"We know that if you cannot sell our products, we cannot sell products either."

--- Puskul Textile Wholesaler and Manufacturer

Briefly About Puskul Textile Company;

Puskul Textile is a manufacturer that produces wholesale Turkish waffle towels, waffle throw and blankets, waffle towels and 100% Turkish cotton home textiles items in the city of Denizli, the textile production center of Turkey.

Our textile factory produces all Turkish home textile products and sells wholesale waffle weave towel sets. We export wholesale the best Turkish home textile products we produce to more than 70 countries, especially The United States (USA), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), Germany, other Europe countries and Australia (AU).

Puskul Textile waffle towel company's production documents, certificates and permits are up-to-date and complete.

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Puskul Textile 100% Turkish Cotton Waffle Towels and Throw Blankets Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Why can you buy wholesale waffle towels and waffle throw blankets from us?

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100% Turkish Cotton Waffle Woven Home Textile Products

You can add vitality to your business wholesale by purchasing and selling 100% Turkish cotton waffle towels, blankets and other waffle-weaved textile products in different sizes and colors that we produce in our factory.

The demand for Turkish home textile products has been increasing in recent years. The main reasons for the intensification of the demand are the high-quality textile artistry and the 100% Turkish materials used in the products.

Turkish cotton is one of the highest-quality cotton types. The long fibers in Turkish Aegean cotton make it preferable in towel and fabric production. When the best cotton and centuries-old Turkish textile artistry combine, fantastic and sought-after products emerge. Turkish home textile products have been produced with care and attention in Turkey for centuries.

As Puskul Textile employees, we are in the traditional Turkish textile industry. Our experience and knowledge make us do our job successfully and passionately. Fast, trust and accurate order delivery is our biggest feature. We work 24/7/365 for our valued customers.

Why 100% Turkish cotton waffle weave towel?

Classic towels are also produced in high quantities and are costly. With the very similar structure of classical towels, sellers cannot differentiate between other products. On the other hand, Turkish waffle towels and waffle blankets allow you to design different models from other sellers with a small production amount and make your collection. This way, you can sell different products in the market with less capital.

Thanks to the quality of Turkish cotton and Turkish craft, less cotton and labor are spent on Turkish cotton waffle weave towels. This way, you can supply luxury, grade and durable items at more bribable prices. And this way will facilitate your sales in the market.

Puskul textile Turkish waffle towels company, we have given new designs of waffle weave towels to the Turkish towels we have produced for years with a new perspective.

We combined the water absorbency and appearance of the waffle weave pattern with Turkish towel production and quality. We are bringing a new movement to the towel market with our Turkish waffle towels. Waffle towels and waffle weave textile products from this combination are extremely useful and special.

Waffle-knitted microfiber towels are the first to come to mind as waffle towels. This group is sold in the market as waffle kitchen towels or waffle dishcloths as a cleaning towel group. The highly absorbent nature of waffle weave microfiber towels makes them useful for general object cleaning. But it harms human health with the materials and chemicals used in its production.

Thanks to the original 100% Turkish organic cotton we use in our production, we produce waffle weave bath towels, waffle towel sets, waffle bath sheets, waffle terry towels and more, which are more super absorbent than microfiber towels and suitable for human health.

Our Turkish waffle towels, which we sell wholesale and in bulk, are lint-free, super soft, extremely absorbent, durable waffle towels suitable for long use.

Being lightweight and thin and not holding sand on them at the beach (sand-free) makes them suitable for travel and beach towels.

They are also widely used as spa wraps, bath wraps and hammam towels, as they are visually appealing and can be used as decorative items.

Hotels, Dormitories, Spas, Saunas, Clubs and many similar companies supply their customers with waffle tea towels, waffle spa towels, waffle bath towels, waffle beach towels, waffle throw blankets, prefers waffle weave towels and sets.

All of our products dry quickly in the open air; It is suitable for frequent machine washing and tumbles drying, which makes our products a reason for the preference for companies.

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Different Sizes in Waffle Woven Towels

Turkish waffle towels mix color catalog photo

Wide Range of Colors in Waffle Woven Towels

We are the only company in the sector: We are the most comprehensive company in Turkey that produces waffle weave towels, blankets and waffle-woven home textiles. Before purchasing wholesale textile products made of waffle weaving, please consult us.

Only with us: You can find more than 30 waffle knitting patterns only in our company.

Wide color: We use more than 55 color options in our color chart in our collections.

Different sizes: We produce more than 25 sizes and types of waffle towels and blankets.

Just for you: If the size, pattern, color and dimensions we have are not suitable for your order, we will work for your order.

close-up photo Waffle Weaving Pattern Standard

Waffle Weaving Pattern Basic

close-up photo Waffle Weaving Pattern Honeycomb

Waffle Weaving Pattern Honeycomb

close-up photo Waffle Weaving Pattern Knitting

Waffle Weaving Pattern Knitting

Please review our main Turkish cotton home textile product items...

You can take your place in this market, which consists of waffle towels and home textiles. With our high-quality production materials and years of experience, we will be pleased to assist you with your special collection and waffle towel set wholesale purchases.

Is it just our business to sell wholesale cotton waffle towels and waffle blankets? Of course not; our production line and collection are extensive.

In the Wholesale Waffle Towels and Waffle Blankets, and Home Textile Group;

Wholesale Waffle Weave Bath Towel Sets Honeycomb Towels Cotton White - the USA - United States -Australia - AU- Canada-CA-United Kingdom - UK (01)

Wholesale Waffle Towels & Blankets

In the Bulk Turkish Cotton Towels, Blankets and Home Textile Group;

a lady waves a turkish beach towel on the beach

Originally Turkish Towels

In the Muslin (Gauze) Fabrics Towels, Blankets, and Home Textile Group;

muslin blanket for adults and muslin blankets in different colors on it - cover photo

Organic Cotton Muslin Fabrics

And any home textile product you want.

We try to help our customers with all their requests, even small or large orders, without the minimum order quantity requirement.

We know a satisfied customer will return to you as more customers and sales. Please do not wait any longer to ask us your questions and problems about our wholesale waffle towels and more that will delight the end user and save you money as the sellers.

Our mission is only customer satisfaction. We are always working to create better quality and new products in our services and products.

If you are looking for a supplier and manufacturer of Turkish towels, waffle towels, waffle blankets and more, contact us without delay. You will be surprised by the sincerity of the customer service of Puskul Textile, which answers all your questions without getting bored.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

+ What do we do if your products are defective?

Our products undergo quality control three times.

1- At the sample stage.

2- At the production stage.

3- At the packaging stage.

We are working with a margin of error of 1%. But if we still have a mistake, we will fix it.

+ We have worked with other companies back, and they have sent incorrect, incomplete, faulty products. They didn't correct their mistakes. What sets you apart?

You're right, there are irresponsible companies, but not everyone is the same. We will inform you about the entire process of your order. How do we?

First, you can stay in touch with us all the time. You can make a video meeting about the process. You can check the production process by using the video meeting.

We will inform you and contact you after your order is received. When your products reach you, the same information we will give you will come to your address because you have already followed it. There will be no surprises.

We serve you by putting ourselves in your place.

+ Do you do custom production, design, size, and embroidery printing?

Yes, we can meet your demands. You can contact us for personalized, embroidered, promotional, customizable, and monogrammed products.

We can offer production in all special sizes and sizes. You can get prices from us for pools, hotels, beach bars, clubs, cafes, and other public areas.

Our products are available in stock. We can produce your special bulk productions as soon as possible. Please get a quotation for our high-quality products made of real Turkish cotton.

We will help you with your designs.

We guarantee the best price and quality of our wholesale waffle weave towels and other Turkish home textile products.

You can increase your business with our products. Please feel free to contact us with all your questions.

+ Can I come to your company to trust you and study it?

Yes, with pleasure. We would be honored to have you as our guest.

+ Do you have an international shipment?

Yes, we are making a shipment.

+ How is the shipping charged?

The shipping fee is calculated based on the weight and distance of a package. When your order becomes clear, we will get you a quotation from UPS, DHL, TNT, and FedEx. We will try to send it to you at the most affordable cost.

If you have a shipping company, we can deliver to them.

+ What do you mean by bulk order?

The products that have reached the end of the series are our production surplus products and the ones we no longer design. Absolutely all of them are error-free and first quality. We sell it to clear our inventory. They are very profitable and advantageous products but are limited to stocks. You have to stay in touch.

+ We have a wide selection of colors and sizes for your special orders.

We have various colors, patterns and sizes so you can customize yours. We offer an exclusive range of colors you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a new look or want to keep your ready-made look, we're here for you.

puskul textile color chart for products

+ Why Puskul Textile? Why Our Waffle Weave Towels?

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Wholesale Waffle Towels in USA


We only use high-quality long-staple Turkish cotton grown in our country, the Aegean region of Pamukkale, for all our waffle towels and other home textile products. The quality of real Turkish cotton will surprise you. Our Turkish waffle towels and muslin blankets, which we produce wholesale from original ring-spun Turkish cotton, will give you cotton's real texture and comfort.

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Wholesale Waffle Towels and Turkish Blankets | Puskul Textile


Our waffle towel manufacturing textile factory in Denizli, Turkey, works every day of the year to supply waffle towels and blankets to our valued customers. Puskul Textile customer service is always open online. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We are waiting for your requests.

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Wholesale Turkish Waffle Towels & Blankets Manufacturer | PUSKUL TEXTILE